Pedestrian low lift truck CiTi One Low Lift Pallet Trucks

Innovative for urban goods supply

  • Effortlessly negotiate kerbs and thresholds up to 70 mm thanks to the climbing runners
  • To be used used on any flooring thanks to profiled solid rubber drivewheel
  • Both operator and environment benefit from extremely quiet operation
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The STILL CiTi One is revolutionising urban goods supply. These electrically powered low lift pallet trucks are ultra-silent and effortlessly move loads weighing up to 500 kg – with a service weight of only 95 kg. The large solid rubber wheel runs with reliability, precision and good tracking on roads, pavements or cobblestones. The CiTi One achieves excellent handling performance, not only tackling uneven floor surfaces with ease, but also traversing steps, kerbs, thresholds and tracks with heights of up to 70 mm.

The parking brake ensures stability on ramps and gradients. As the control lever can be operated with one hand, you always have a firm grip on the compact device. One glance at the multifunctional display provides you with information on the operating hours, the battery charging status and on the weight of the current load if required. All this makes the STILL CiTi One the ideal partner on the last leg of urban goods supply: for market stallholders and tradesmen or in hospitals, administrative buildings and leisure parks.

The CiTi One in detail

Simply easy

  • Fatigue-free operation: easy-grip tiller for left and right-handed operators
  • Real-time information: multi-function display shows battery charge status and operating hours
  • Transitions, kerbs and thresholds of up to 70 mm are easy to negotiate thanks to the climbing runners

Simply safe

  • Safe operation: impact plate in optimum size and position
  • Improved operator health: maintenance-free battery technology means no exhaust emissions
  • Quiet operation: CiTi One PIEK certification confirms low noise emissions – a plus for both operators and the environment

Simply powerful

  • Impressive goods handling: lifting capacity of up to 500 kg
  • Excellent durability thanks to sturdy frame design
  • Durable: sturdy frame construction
  • High performance: powerful and low-maintenance drive motor
  • Optimal drive at all times on any flooring thanks to profiled solid rubber drive wheel

Simply flexible

  • Suitable for almost any application thanks to compact dimensions
  • Different fork dimensions available for different load carriers

Equipment options

Sharpening all senses: we can support you with our wide range of smart driver assistance systems and functions which will make your day-to-day work significantly easier. You will be able to drive in a safer, more comfortable, efficient and fatigue-free manner – in every driving situation.

Access authorisation (without FleetManager 4.x) with PIN

Digicode systems (PIN) are an easy way to prevent unauthorised use of the truck. The truck can be started up quickly and easily, simply by entering the PIN code. This allows the user to limit access authorisation to specific individuals or groups. It is possible to configure up to ten PIN codes.

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