You can drive safely with us

Safety Assist

There are numerous causes for faulty processes – a lack of concentration, an incorrect assessment of situations, as well as environmental factors to which the driver is unable to react correctly or quickly enough. Our smart driver assistance systems not only continuously monitor the environment, thus providing guidance for the drivers, but can also actively intervene in certain events. They recognise potentially critical driving situations and are able to accelerate and decelerate independently. In addition to increased warehouse and operator safety, they also provide top performance with the highest level of energy efficiency thanks to the intelligent driving programmes.

Driver assistance systems and functions from STILL



STILL warning zone light

Perfect addition to the STILL SafetyLight

The STILL warning zone light projects two luminescent strips to the left and right of the forklift truck. The optional illumination equipment serves as a visual warning for pedestrians and other drivers in the vicinity by projecting luminescent strips on the hall floor at the sides of the forklift truck. The STILL warning zone light therefore perfectly complements the STILL SafetyLight, which projects a blue cone of light in the front of the truck in the direction of driving.

Thanks to the safety lighting which moves with the forklift truck, you can prevent personal injuries and collisions in busy work areas.


STILL Pre-Shift Check

Safety first: digital guided Pre-Shift Check

With the Pre-Shift Check in the on-board computer STILL Easy Control STILL achieves a new level of safety for the driver and the truck: before the start of each shift, or at user-defined intervals, the driver must confirm the operational capability of the truck via the on-board computer before he can put the truck into operation with all its functions.

The customer is free to choose the criteria of the safety check. In addition to the standard query, several individual queries can be stored in the display of the on-board computer. And if an answer is negative? The customer has all options.

For example, he can define in the system that the performance of the vehicle is automatically limited if a query shows a negative test result.

For more security

  • Pre-Shift Check
    with STILL Easy Control on-board computer
  • Simple Pre-Shift Check
    Confirmation by driver whether vehicle is ready for use
  • Advanced Pre-Shift Check
    Customer-specific questions provide even more security
  • Vehicle restrictions
    Limited performance adjustable in case of negative results
  • Truck ready for operation?
    Are operating fluids (e.g. oil, water, fuel) visibly leaking?
    Are the wheels damaged? Are they worn beyond permissible limits?
    Is the capacity rating plate present, undamaged and legible?
    Does the service brake work properly?

STILL Pre-Shift Check

STILL SafetyLight 4plus

The visual warning system for fewer accidents

The blue warning light, STILL SafetyLight 4plus, significantly increases work safety in areas which are confusing or full of bends. The blue light spots are projected approx. 5 m in front of and behind the truck and warn people about the approaching truck to prevent impending collisions.

Advantages to you:

  • Increase of work safety for pedestrians and other participants in internal traffic
  • Increased safety when working with several forklift trucks in a network owing to prompt reactions, particularly in confusing areas
  • Passers-by notice the forklift truck more quickly and have more time to react due to the guiding function of the chaser lights at four light points
  • Lowest possible impact on the truck operating time due to the economical energy consumption of the LED lamp (5 W at12 V)
  • Maintenance-free operation and a long service life of 20,000 hours
  • Minimal scattering and thus perfect visibility even on light-coloured floors

STILL iGo pilot safety

Six in one sweep

Optimised braking paths: at the end of the aisle, the forklift truck decelerates gently in relation to the speed and lifting height, which increases handling capacity.

Automatic speed adjustment: in defined zones, speed adjustments can be set automatically based on the ground conditions.

Height limitation: The adjustable height limitation enables optimum use of the space below the roof for different hall heights.

Collision prevention: known obstacles can be defined. The driver does not need to memorise all particularities of the system and can concentrate on their work.

Aisle departure assistant: steering can be blocked for a defined stretch, e.g. when departing the aisle in order to prevent collisions.

Position selection: selection enables targeted movement into defined, often-used positions such as at transfer points.

Additional Safety Assist features

Here you can find a full overview of all additional driver assistance systems and functions from STILL within the Safety Assist field.

Acoustic signal

Safety in the warehouse is increased thanks to an acoustic signal during reversing. Colleagues are therefore able to notice the forklift truck even if they have their back to it.