LiftRunner E-Frame

Efficient production supply with tugger trains

B frames


  • Loading and unloading from both sides for maximum flexibility
  • Quiet operation and low wear-and-tear, as trolleys are raised up during the journey
  • Excellent driveability and directional stability guarantees a high level of safety
  • A straightforward easy-to-use trolley de-coupling system
  • Safe handling with an automatic safety back-up when pushing trolleys

LiftRunner E-Frames are designed for different types and dimensions of trolleys up to 1000 kg. The manoeuvrable two-wheeled frames are steered through a mid axle. This ensures excellent directional stability, even at high speeds and in braking manoeuvres. The combination of rigid and flexible links minimises jolting movements when starting off or braking and ensures a safe passage on ramps. The loaded trolleys are slid into the lowered E-Frames and are secured by an automatic mechanism. They can be loaded from the left or right, depending on the course of the docking direction.

Used Trucks

Used Trucks Used Trucks

The trolleys are raised up automatically when the driver enters the towing truck (standing truck) or activates a switch (seated truck). The lifting energy required for this is provided by pneumatics, hydraulics or electricity via the towing truck or autonomously via the frame. When the driver leaves the towing truck, the frames are lowered automatically and the trolleys can be removed. A foot pedal activates a mechanism that eases the trolley in the direction of the operator. This initial thrust enables the trolley to be removed in an effortless manner that places no strain on the back. E-Frames can be combined with B- or C-Frames within one train.


  • High load capacity and low deadweight: E-Frame load capacity is up to 1000 kg
  • Efficient material transport: High handling capacity using bundled transports
  • Individual deployment: E-Frames can transport load carriers of varying types and dimensions. Also, it can accommodate two trolleys at the same time


  • Maximum flexibility: loading direction can be quickly changed according to application with a plug-in coupling
  • Always on track: LiftRunner with E-Frames has excellent directional stability, even at higher speeds and when braking and cornering
  • Adaptation to outdoor use: E-Frames are available galvanised and with a roof


  • User-friendly: Trolleys can easily be coupled or uncoupled from the frames at ground level
  • Easy handling: Thanks to the specially developed uncoupling system and with very little rolling, trolleys can be detached with minimum effort and without back strain
  • Optimal load handling: A flexible combination - depending on requirements - of B-, C- or E-Frames and various types of trolleys


  • Reduction in stock levels and production logistics space: High delivery frequency in synchronised production and logistics processes
  • Maximum flexibility: A combination of different frame types within one train for the demand-orientated provision of small batches
  • Space-saving: A very tight turning circle enables it to be used in confined areas


  • Minimised risk of damage: Automatic safety mechanism when sliding trolleys in
  • Safe ramp travel: A combination of rigid and flexible links minimises pitching during acceleration and braking
  • Reduced accident risk: Increased safety through bundling shipments and reducing truck traffic

Environmental Responsibility

  • Energy saving: Traffic reduction by bundling together shipments of the same volume therefore avoiding empty journeys
  • High process transparency: Supplying and disposing of materials at the same time increases the efficiency of tugger train usage
  • Noise and wear and tear: Trolleys are raised up during the journey, so there is no ground contact
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