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STILL driver assistance systems is a term referring to additional equipment on warehouse trucks to support the driver in certain situations. They elevate the degree of automating by assuming individual tasks freeing the operator respectively.

Often safety aspects are at the focus here, but also improving the performance of the truck transporting material or to improve performance of the operators. Depending on the driver assistance system used, different types of sensors are deployed. 

Optispeed 4.0 & Optisafe

Vehicle and Operation Improvement

OPTISPEED 4.0 – Process Safety in Close Quarters
The operator assistance system is a navigational aid for close quarters and provides the driver with a precise, semi-automated approach to the desired position. The system simplifies and optimizes the approach by stopping the vehicle and forks automatically when the desired horizontal and vertical positions are reached. Transportation mistakes are avoided and the driver support increases efficiency in your operations.

OPTISPEED 4.0 differentiates between load lifting and release at the goal and is thereby able to adjust for the proper lift height on the truck. Additionally, the software can be programmed so that a load cycle is only possible once the proper position has been reached. This helps ensure that improper picking and loading - meaning wasted time and resources - are avoided. This is made possible by the integration of a tool which measures distances travelled by the vehicle and can be controlled by your choice of two separate technologies. One option is the placement of RFID transponders in the warehouse floor at regular intervals. The advantage of this system is that it offers a high level of flexibility, especially when combined with other system solutions. The second option is a barcode label system applied to the shelving units. The advantage here is that the labels are easily applied and are very precise. We would be pleased to be of help in determining which of these two options best serve your needs and can be integrated optimally into your warehouse management operations most efficiently.

OPTISAFE – Maximal Safety at Optimized Speeds
Zones in the warehouse often influence turnover rates. Special safety regulations are necessary as is the need for the operator to react to them. Regardless of whether these include obstacles in the shelving aisles, the need for braking at their ends, if maximal clearances influence the storage process or speeds must be reduced in certain areas – OPTISAFE allows you to individually program and adapt to these specific conditions for each separate aisle. Each individual aisle is recognized during the approach and the specific conditions taken into account as required. Again, vehicle positions are determined here with the help of RFID transponders or barcode labels in the warehouse. This allows the operator to concentrate on the actual job at hand, be it transport, storage or product commissioning. All of this leads to increased flexibility and safety in your warehouse.

Your benefits

  • quick and simple system installation (little time required)
  • guide for the driver
  • time savings due to quicker transport cycles and no search times
  • process optimization due to avoidance of improper picking and storing

Would you like additional information?

Our customer service team is available to happily answer any questions you have regarding STILL OPTISPEED.



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