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Successful VNA Customer Day in Zagreb

Innovative driver assistance systems for a new level of safety and efficiency were the focus of the VNA Customer Day in Zagreb. 

"VNA" stands for "Very Narrow Aisle", the field of application for narrow aisle trucks. Key element of the combined training and customer event was the Active Floor Compensation (AFC) assistance system for the STILL MX-X narrow aisle truck. The Active Floor Compensation (AFC) system compensates for uneven floors, ensuring maximum performance at all times.

In order to further expand competences in the VNA area and to provide customers with the best possible advice, the local service teams and the sales teams from Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Macedonia and Greece were brought up to date regarding the MX-X in advance of the Customer Day and filled with enthusiasm about the topic "VNA".

This enthusiasm was passed on to our customers during the subsequent Customer Day. In an interactive dialogue with Alexander Claus, the customers were informed about the "highlights of the new MX-X generation". Christian Ehler rounded off the mix of topics with a presentation on "Assistance systems". Live demonstrations of the MX-X made it clear to all participants that Active Floor Compensation (AFC) detects uneven surfaces in the lanes of the load wheels and compensates for them in real time. Consequently, the vehicle frame always remains horizontal and the mast always vertical. This system, which is unique on the market, reacts without delay even at maximum possible speed due to the fastest processors. The success of the event is the result of months of careful planning by Andreas Koebe and Holger Guhrsch.

Host of the four-day training with the final Customer Day in Zagreb was the local dealer Autokuća Gašparić d.o.o., who thus gave his latest branch opening a special highlight. The sales results of the event were also impressive: An RX 20 was sold at the Customer Day; a Toyota customer announced that he would replace his Japanese equipment with two STILL MX-X next year; and a number of other VNA projects, such as the construction of a new logistics centre in Slovenia with MX-X vehicles, are the foreseeable achievements there.