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STILL presents its “STILL neXXt” digital ecosystem at the CeMAT 2018 trade fair

The Hamburg based company STILL GmbH, with its STILL neXXt online portal, emphasises its claim to be a leading solutions provider in Intralogistics 4.0. Meeting customers’ future needs in the online economy while generating new digital business models at the same time is at the heart of the company’s own digital ecosystem. Software solutions have formed part of the STILL portfolio for many years. STILL neXXt makes it possible for the first time to control a large number of applications with only a single access – including from mobile terminal devices. The result: significant simplification of all the intralogistics material and data flow control processes.

[Translate to United Kingdom (English):] STILL next fleet consists of intelligent software tools that customers can use for device-independent control of their fleet’s efficiency anywhere in the world.

STILL neXXt, the company’s own digital ecosystem, allows the Hamburg based intralogistics company’s customers to control their entire intralogistics data and material flow with only a single digital solution. Taking fleet management as an example: STILL neXXt fleet offers an opportunity for intelligent data collection and processing, to make implementing logistics processes easier, faster and more cost-saving, irrespective of the number and location of the trucks. A single login is all you need to access all the relevant data pools – with access authorisation, of course. 

STILL neXXt fleet is only one of the applications in the company’s own digital ecosystem into which data from various sources flows: from customers, industrial trucks, automated systems or even from external digital platforms with which each customer cooperates. That also includes key parameters from other manufacturers’ machines. At the opening press conference of the HANOVER MESSE / CeMAT 2018 trade fair in Hanover, STILL’s Management Board Chairman Dr. Henry Puhl stressed that “STILL neXXt is a comprehensive, cross-manufacturer control and dialogue platform with which we put customers more than ever at the centre of our activities.” Dr. Puhl adds that: “Our aim is a constant dialogue with our customers about their future requirements. We thereby set up a continuous feedback loop that helps us to develop customised tools for every needs profile, in the future as well.” This is how STILL keeps up with the times as a digitally learning organisation with intelligent knowledge management. A multitude of new products will emerge from the securely managed data.  

This product offered to STILL’s customers turns one of the most important trends of Logistics 4.0 into a practical business routine: People and intelligent systems collaborate in a “Socially Networked Industry”. This means industrially-aligned social networks in which people and cyber-physical systems cooperate with one another. These digital cooperation platforms enable entirely new data-based business models – including and especially in the context of the industrial Internet of Things. The time saving and workload reduction thus achieved give companies and their customers significant added benefits.  

But data security is the issue above all else. For customers data security – alongside transparency and efficiency – is one of the most important aspects of Logistics 4.0. Every customer specifies himself which of the data generated in his company goes into each STILL neXXt application. STILL ensures, now and in the future, that its digital ecosystem harmonises a high level of operating convenience with maximum possible security. As the recent data leaks in social networks show: openness in a digital ecosystem and external security are the two sides of the same coin.