STILL prepares vaccination initiative for around 2,000 employees in Hamburg

accination line at the STILL factory in Hamburg

Hamburg, 27 May 2021 - At the Hamburg-based intralogistics company STILL, preparations are well underway for a major vaccination campaign against the Corona virus. As soon as the legal and structural framework permits, the vaccination line is to open at the plant in Billbrook to gradually offer all of the approx. 2,000 employees at the site and at nearby locations the chance to be vaccinated. An internal prioritisation puts the employees in service and production, who have more contact with other people, at the top of the vaccination order.

Concept and infrastructure planning for the STILL vaccination line has been completed and the company has the necessary resources in place. As soon as a sufficient number of vaccines are available for vaccination by company doctors and the legal prioritisation permits, the STILL vaccination campaign will start.

"As a company committed to responsibility, we have been doing our utmost to protect the health of our employees, customers and partners since the beginning of the pandemic," explains STILL company doctor Gesine Büge. "If we can now help to further contain the spread of the Corona virus and protect more people from falling ill through a quick and pragmatic vaccination initiative, then we will also do our best here and provide resources, space and expertise."

In-house vaccination prioritisation

For STILL, there is no question of prioritising those who ensure smooth operations every day at the customer's site, on the trucks or in production. "It is a matter of course to offer vaccinations first to those who work in service and production and therefore have no opportunity to do their work from home. And, in doing so, we are ultimately also protecting our customers," adds Gesine Büge.

Extensive information as basis of the vaccination campaign

The vaccination campaign is supported by a broad internal information campaign. Via the intranet, mailings, a landing page on the group's internal intranet, as well as posters and flyers, employees receive transparent information on the topic of Corona vaccination and the opportunity to register directly. After all, the company is aware that comprehensive information is an important prerequisite for people to have confidence in the vaccination and for a successful vaccination campaign. In addition, all employees receive detailed medical advice again when they are vaccinated.

Vaccination strategy at KION level

In addition to the STILL site in Hamburg, which employs around 2,000 people, the KION Group is planning similar vaccination campaigns at other sites. KION's Germany-wide vaccination strategy is set to get underway as soon as possible - provided that the German government and the federal states provide the necessary conditions in good time.