STILL establishes direct distribution company in Finland

Strengthening its market presence in Scandinavia

The intralogistics specialist STILL is setting up a direct distribution company in Finland by taking over the Finnish distributor Konekesko Oy. This action is designed to further strengthen its market presence in Scandinavia.

The final transfer of ownership by the competent authorities is scheduled to take place on Thursday, 1 February 2018. In future, all the company’s activities in Finland will be combined under the name STILL Finland, and are part of the Scandinavian STILL sales and service network.

STILL Finland will continue to operate its current location in Vantaa Hakkila. All Konekesko Oy’s business activities in the industrial truck area and all its employees will transfer to the new STILL company. Pekka Vaisto, Department Head of Konekesko’s industrial truck division, takes over management of the new Finnish STILL national company. The sale of the industrial truck division not only guarantees a smooth continued existence of the STILL brand, but also safeguards continuing customer service for the existing STILL customer base in Finland.

Thomas A. Fischer, Managing Director of Sales, Marketing and Service (CSO) for STILL GmbH, explains: “Setting up a direct distribution company in Finland is the next logical step following the takeover of the STILL business in Norway that was already completed in 2016. As a result, the STILL sales and service network in Scandinavia will comprise Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland, and we will be able to pursue our ambitious aims resolutely on the Scandinavian market. Establishing STILL’s own network will enable us to serve the quite specific customers’ needs in the Nordic countries more professionally and efficiently. At the same time, we will continue to focus on developing the sales, service, rental and used truck areas to allow us to offer the whole STILL service provision spectrum for our Scandinavian customers.”