Smart fleetmanagement – fully digitized and individually optimized

STILL as a partner, consultant and manager for holistic fleet optimization

STILL pools its solutions expertise as a service provider in the fleetmanagement area to allow it to offer integrated, multi-site management and operator solutions. The offering presented at the 35th German Logistics Congress in Berlin from 17 to 19 October 2018 ranges from needs analysis and intralogistics consultancy, standardisation and digitalisation of the procurement process, and all the way to fleetmanagement. A central element is the STILL neXXt fleet web platform with various intelligent applications that customers can use to control the efficiency of their industrial trucks fleet from anywhere in the world.

[Translate to United Kingdom (English):] Through various web applications, the user gets an overview of his fleet, the utilization and all costs – even across various locations.

As an additional core element in fleetmanagement, STILL offers leasing solutions, financing and services from a single supplier. Alexander Heimann, Head of Rental at STILL, explains that “Today we already manage more than 30,000 trucks in our leased fleet in the EMEA region (Europe, the Middle East and Africa.). By doing this, we constantly keep the average age, condition and capacity utilisation of the trucks in view at all times. In this way, we can always supply our customers with the truck that correctly meets their needs, in the right configuration for the application that is required.” Short-term rentals are currently becoming ever-increasingly important, since this allows demand peaks to be covered at firmly calculable costs, or machines that are needed for only a short time can be used. By using the comprehensive services provided by STILL fleetmanagement, the customer can focus on his main business, and he profits from increased flexibility, safety/security and transparency at reduced costs.

Jacques Arrighi, Senior Vice-President, Business Line Sales Applications and Services at STILL, explains that “Our customers confront a wide variety of logistics challenges, including cost pressure, a volatile demand, high growth rates or the demand for the provision of additional services. To cope with these tasks, they must plan capacities and manage their employees and the available truck fleet. The complexity of large industrial truck fleets, especially across various locations and national frontiers, is manageable only with the help of smart solutions consisting of hardware and software to enable people and machines to be employed optimally and with maximum productivity.”

More than 100,000 industrial trucks worldwide are now managed using existing STILL software solutions. Customers gain access to a current suite of nine applications with a variety of functions via the STILL neXXt fleet online portal. This gives the operator an overview with clear visualisation of all the relevant fleet data and key figures in a single application with online access from any device. The user is also informed automatically when specific values or time limits are exceeded. If a customer wants to focus entirely on his core business, he can also lease the fleetmanagement and the required trucks entirely from STILL in a single solution.

Jacques Arrighi adds: “We thereby offer our customers maximum flexibility and transparency. STILL neXXt fleet can be used to manage all kinds of trucks, irrespective of their brands, and to plan maintenance or accurately analyse capacity utilisation and the costs for each truck. Our experience shows that efficient fleetmanagement increases a fleet’s profitability and avoids overcapacities.” In this respect, STILL always aims at cooperation in partnership, and recommends a so-called fleet review, after around 12 to 18 months, to check whether the fleet still corresponds to requirements. This overall inspection and optimisation of industrial truck fleets also allows STILL intralogistics advisers to carry out further storage analyses as required. At the same time, the experts develop target-oriented solution strategies and recommendations for action, extending all the way to the concept design and implementation of completely new storage worlds.