Multitalented for intralogistics

STILL has developed a universal machine for the increasingly flexible world of intralogistics

Hamburg, 28. September 2018 - Towing, stacking and relocating - as from today, these production and logistics tasks can be carried out using only a single machine: the new STILL LTX-FF 05/10 multifunctional tractor. In tugger train operation and other tractor applications, it effortlessly pulls trailer loads up to 5,000 kg, lifts loads up to 1,000 kg to a height of up to 1,750 mm on its folding forks, and does all of that with the most compact external dimensions. By marketing the LTX-FF, STILL again proves that it always offers maximum customer benefits.

[Translate to United Kingdom (English):] Die Gabeln des STILL LTX-FF lassen sich per Knopfdruck ausklappen und verwandeln den Schlepper in Sekundenschnelle in einen Stapler.

With a truck width of only 800 mm and very small turning radius of under 1,5 m, precise working is possible even in the narrowest aisles. Thanks to a patented mechanism, the self-supporting forks can be folded in and out quickly and safely at the touch of a button, while the integrated fork tilt ensures that the load remains securely in position at all times. Its simple operation avoids time losses, thus achieving higher goods handling performance. The LTX-FF reaches a speed of 13 km/h when towing, and the truck is available with lithium ion technology for maximum availability in multi-shift use.

STILL has developed a universal machine for the increasingly flexible world of intralogistics. The LTX-FF, the only series production machine of its kind, covers the two core requirements of modern production supply: towing and stacking. Florian Meyke, Class 3 Warehouse Technology Product Manager for STILL GmbH, explains “Thanks to its multitude of possibilities, the LTX-FF can be seamlessly integrated into modern production design concepts. Its powerful performance is convincing. By using this multifunctional tractor, operators gain access to new pathways to plan their resources and machines efficiently, so they can simultaneously reduce procurement and operating costs.”

As well as the core requirements, the STILL EasyDrive steering wheel provides maximum ergonomics and the easiest possible operation of all the functions and driving programs without changing grip. The low truck entry point and cushioned, sprung driver stand with a folding seat allow comfortable standing or sitting. The optional LED daytime running light and the Safety Light and Safety Light 4Plus components ensure safe, reliable awareness of the truck’s presence. Curve Speed Control steering-angle-dependent speed control increases safety when cornering. With neXXt fleet for efficient equipment planning, STILL offers numerous additional fleet management functions – from access control to detailed use and operating costs analyses.