Lightweight, safe and economical for retail use

STILL launches a new electric high lift pallet truck onto the market for CeMAT 2018

STILL GmbH will launch a completely new generation of high lift pallet trucks onto the market for the CeMAT 2018 trade fair. These trucks are designed for pedestrian-controlled operation. The Hamburg intralogistics specialist will present a total of three versions of the new ECV model series in Hanover in the spring. In addition to the ECV 10 as the basic truck, the product range also comprises two compact C variants: the ECV 10 C and the ECV 10i C with initial lift.

[Translate to United Kingdom (English):] The STILL ECV 10 high lift pallet truck is convincing due to its very compact construction. This allows the trucks to be used even in confined work areas and narrow working aisles.

These new high lift pallet trucks were designed specifically for light duties. The ideal length of use is up to two hours per day and the average weight should not exceed 500 kg. Excellent warehouse and floor conditions play directly into the ECV’s hand. Florian Meyke, STILL’s Product Manager for Class III warehouse trucks, says “That gives our new high lift pallet truck optimum suitability for light duties, especially in the retail, and makes it the perfect entry-level product in the warehouse technology area.”

High goods handling performance and optimum use of space

The maximum load-bearing capacity of the ECV 10 is 1,000 kg. The ECV 10i C can even carry up to 1,200 kg on its initial lift. Moreover, electrical driving, lifting and lowering ensure a significant increase in goods handling performance. Optimum storage space utilisation is realised by achievable lift heights of up to 3,277 mm.

Another characteristic feature of the ECV series of models is their great stability. A 4 wheel chassis is responsible for this. It ensures a particularly safe and secure footing. Florian Meyke says: “Due to the chassis, the lift height can be achieved effortlessly with the corresponding load-carrying capacity.”

An integrated charger and greater availability

STILL’s new electric high lift pallet trucks are equipped with integrated batteries. Depending on the truck, these provide up to 120 Ah. The batteries are fully encapsulated and do not release any battery gases. Due to the built-in charger, trucks in the ECV model series can be recharged at any time and in almost any place via ordinary commercial socket outlets. No central charging station is needed, with the result that the truck can be used flexibly. Even higher availability can be achieved as a result. The high lift pallet trucks are fitted with a battery status indicator as standard, which also displays the operating hours worked.

Precise load handling and optimum ergonomics for the operator

Special lift masts (ECV 10: telescopic lift mast, C variant: mono-lift mast) guarantee optimum visibility of the fork arms. Due to the tiller mounted at the left, the operator can look past the side of the mast and see the load that is to be put into or taken out of storage. The mast design of the standard lift mast also makes it possible to see through between the mast. Summing up, Florian Meyke says: “Thus with both mast types, the operator always has the load in view and is able to pick it up and set it down safety and quickly.”

The ECV series of models is especially easy to manoeuvre. Due to their small tare weight, this is also possible even when fully loaded and using mechanical steering, since little pressure is loaded onto the drive wheel. Light stacking tasks can be carried out with ease. The operator is electrically assisted when doing this, which relieves the load on him or her and increases goods handling performance. In addition to light stacking duties, the series of models can also be used as a mobile workbench (e.g. at sorting stations). The trucks are also very suitable as entry level machines for light order-picking duties.

Compact dimensions for confined work areas

The STILL high lift pallet truck is also convincing due to its very compact construction. It also allows the trucks to be used even in confined work areas and narrow working aisles. The compact dimensions are also reflected in a small working aisle width of only 2,219 mm (C variant: 2,100 mm) together with a particularly small turning radius of 1,450 mm (C variant: 1,337 mm).

The ECV series of models is also fitted with tandem rollers as standard equipment. This allows goods to be moved gently even if the floor is slightly uneven; it ensures smooth driving behaviour at the same time.

In a nutshell: the operator can use the ECV series of models in a highly flexible way.