Lifting you up – next-level order picking

Safe second-level order picking with the STILL OXV vertical order picker

Hamburg, 24 February 2020 – Being able to make fast deliveries is becoming a crucial competitive factor for more and more companies. At the same time, the variety of products available is also increasing, which means greater storage density and a high level of efficiency in order picking is required.

With the OXV vertical order picker by STILL, second-level order picking is a simple and safe process.

In order to reach as many storage locations as possible via short routes and with immediate access, STILL developed the compact OXV vertical order picker with height-adjustable driver’s platform and cantilever forks. In contrast to the horizontal order picker, OXV operators can pick orders directly onto the pallet with the platform raised. Customers will be able to experience a version of the truck live for the first time at this year’s LogiMAT, at STILL’s stand B41 in hall 10.

The forklift truck, which is available in three load capacity categories, provides a highly efficient and ergonomic workplace for manual order picking in the first and second rack levels up to a reach height of 2800 mm. The OXV 07 is designed for loads of 700 kg or even 1 t, while the OXV 08 model with additional lift can effortlessly transport and lift loads up to 800 kg. The additional lift takes more strain off the operator’s back as the pallet can be raised to an ergonomically comfortable height, ensuring convenient order picking even when the platform is raised. With the STILL Easy Drive steering wheel and the compact dimensions due to the short wheelbase, manoeuvring the OXV is a breeze, even in particularly confined working areas.


Lithium-ion versions up to 410 Ah

All in all, the new OXV vertical order picker provides operators with increased flexibility, efficiency and handling performance. The cantilever forks, which can be adjusted on the OXV 08, can lift and transport any carrier, including closed plastic pallets and single-use cardboard pallets.

Thanks to the powerful and low-maintenance AC drive motor with 2.3 kW, the OXV can achieve speeds of up to 10 km/h, or 4 km/h in pedestrian operation. Automatic speed reduction around corners ensures safety at all times. In ECO driving mode, the OXV achieves maximum energy efficiency at the push of a button. Thanks to the resulting energy savings and by selecting the correct battery capacity – between 345 and 500 Ah – the classic lead-acid version of the OXV can even complete demanding shifts with just one charge. If, however, the battery does need to be changed in multi-shift operation, this can be done quickly and safely in just a few steps thanks to the standard lateral battery change. For even higher availability, which can be achieved with interim charging, STILL has also designed a li-ion version of the new OXV, with a charge of up to 410 Ah.


Ergonomic and intuitive operation for increased handling performance

Operators can look forward to a high level of driving comfort and intuitive operation: To make entry and exit as effortless as possible, the height of the chassis is kept ultra-low at just 145 mm. The easy-to-operate and height-adjustable STILL Easy Drive steering wheel with the STILL Easy Move levers enables all driving, lifting and steering processes to be carried out with ease. The steering wheel can be operated by left- and right-handers with just one hand and ensures increased safety when starting up thanks to its automatic neutral position. This not only saves time during training, it also improves picking performance and goods turnover in day-to-day use, especially as many functions can be performed while driving, including raising and lowering the driver’s platform or the forks. With the colour display positioned in the centre of the steering the operator has all information in sight, such as battery status and operating hours, at all times. Furthermore, the OXV is extremely easy to maintain as all components behind the ultra-robust steel engine cover can be reached quickly and easily. This helps to keep servicing and maintenance costs to a minimum.

The OXV operates safely at all times thanks to the optional LED daytime driving light and the Safety Light/Safety Light 4PLUS. The LED daytime driving light makes it easier to see the truck even in darker areas, while the Safety Light projects a light blue cone of light on the floor to warn other trucks and pedestrians that the truck is approaching.

With the optional accessory bracket and versatile storage facilities, such as an order picking shelf with a load capacity of 45 kg, as well as other equipment options, the OXV can be optimally equipped for any application. The cold store variant is the perfect option for use in cold stores or similar environments down to -30°C. The OXV therefore makes second-level order picking a simple and safe process.