Li-ion Training – STILL UK Best Practice: BUS Region Collaboration

Last week, STILL UK’s Li-ion specialists Paul Penny and Russell Mogg welcomed our colleagues from BUS Region (including Sweden, Norway, Finland & Denmark) to take part in our Li-ion Q2 training held at our headquarters in Exeter.

The course encompassed all aspects of the theory and practical knowledge needed to diagnose and repair the complete STILL Li-ion battery and charger range. The training took place over a period of 5 intensive days and the experience gained was enjoyed and shared by all who participated.

We have already had some positive feedback from Frank Olsson (STILL Sweden) who said:

“This demonstrates the wonderful collaboration which we have in the BUS Region. We participated in some practical, real-life experiences such as battery faults which made the training very engaging and we all took a great deal from the country-specific discussions around the regulations of Li-ion. We all felt very welcomed by STILL UK, so thank you for your great hospitality.” If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly.

With best wishes,
Christina Warn
UK Marketing & Communications Manager