In the Spotlight – Andy Sims

1. What does your job entail?

I am a Technical Specialist at STILL UK which means not only do I repair any STILL equipment, but I also provide technical support for my colleagues in the North West Team.

I am predominantly out on the road most days. As you can imagine I spend a lot of time talking to the team and troubleshooting with them.

2. How long you have worked at STILL?

I have worked at STILL now for 28 years. STILL was my first full time employment and I joined as a Field Service Engineer. Gained a wealth of experience which helped me progress into my current technical specialist role.

3. What do you enjoy most about your job?

I really enjoy the variety of the job. My colleagues would agree no two days are ever the same! You can never plan your day, but you learn something new every day that’s for sure!

I also like to share my experience and knowledge with my colleagues, so I feel like I am passing my knowledge on and coaching them into doing things the right way.

But, there really is nothing more satisfying than getting a machine back up and running when you are faced with a difficult fault – this is a rare challenge with our trucks so you can understand the excitement!

4. What do you love most about working at STILL?

I love working at STILL, I think that is obvious given my 28 years’ service. It really is like being part of a family, they look after you and have enormous respect for all their employees. I am really looking forward to many more happy years with the business.

5. Can you give a recent example of some great work you’ve undertaken?

I have recently taken on the responsibility of mentoring a new apprentice recruit in the North West. Our industry has a real skills shortage and apprentices are the real life-blood of our organisation.

Mentoring is so rewarding, opportunities to learn from and share with each other, gain new insights and discuss experiences that can really enrich a person’s perspective moving forward.

6. What is your favourite STILL truck and why?

The MX-X Very Narrow Aisle Truck is definitely my favourite. As a VNA truck operating on wire guidance lifting up to heights of 18 metres it is an incredibly complex bit of machinery – and that makes it so much more exciting to work on!

7. If you could have a superpower what would it be?

I would like to be invisible and travel round the world for free!

8. Do you have any hidden talents?

I have three children, and they keep me pretty busy! But I think my hidden talent has to be troubleshooting! It could be fixing an MX-X VNA truck or figuring out how to get 3 children in 3 different places at the same time!

9. Describe yourself in three words….

Honest, respectful and hardworking

10. And finally, how do you like to spend your time when not at work?

Family time is precious and really important to me - I love spending my time with them. My partner and I are a part time taxi service for the children – swimming, football and dancing! The kids have a better social life than me!