Optimum use of storage space.

The STILLPalletShuttle is a semi-automatic storage and retrieval system consisting of a shuttle and a multi-level storage rack with channels each equipped with rails for the shuttle to travel on.

The principle function of the STILLPalletShuttle is simple and efficient: At the entry of the channel, the shuttle picks up a pallet and moves it automatically down the channel to the end or to the next free pallet space. There it carefully sets the pallet onto the rack and moves back to the entry of the channel to pick up the next pallet. Truck and shuttle work together hand in hand.

To communicate with the shuttle, the truck driver uses a compact remote control. This way the operator always has full control over all storage and retrieval movements. In addition, the shuttle can be integrated into the STILL warehouse management system MMS (Material flow Management System) which will control the shuttle. However, it is also possible to operate the shuttle automatically. In this type of application, automated STILL vehicles are operated by an automated interface. Of course the shuttle is also equipped with an additional interface to connect the STILL diagnostic system.

The different functions

  • Automatic storage and retrieval LiFo (Last-in-First-out) and FiFo (First-in-First-out)
  • Compacting storage from the entry of the channel downwards
  • Inventory function - STILLPalletShuttle counts the pallets in the channel
  • Automatic storage and retrieval of a given number of pallets

Remote control - Developed for high usability

  • Simple key combination
  • All at one glance: The display of the remote control unit shows all the important operation data of the shuttle

STILL Pallettshuttle in use at the Kuraray warehouse

The safety concept

The shuttle can distinguish different types of obstacles. This is made possible by combining a SICK laser scanner with an emergency stop bar. If the laser scanner detects an obstacle, the speed of the shuttle is progressively reduced down to a speed of 0.1 m/s. If the emergency stop bar then hits an obstacle, it triggers the emergency stop. This only happens if the obstacle actually obstructs the path of the shuttle and does not move away. The system will not stop in front of obstacles that move away, such as parts of packaging film hanging down inside the channel, for example. Instead the shuttle will slowly pass underneath the obstacle without stopping each time the scanner detects an obstacle. This avoids a full standstill of the complete system.

Your benefits

  • Maximum possible utilisation of space despite a high number of different articles: Storage height above 10 meters available, unlimited channel length, storage of different articles on different channel levels
  • Fast pallet turnover: Storage and retrieval speeds ranging from 0.92 to 1.1 m/s.
  • Simultaneous operation of forklift trucks and STILLPalletShuttles
  • Flexible use: Use the Pallet Shuttle with any modern forklift truck, handle different types of pallets.
  • Individual adjustments: precise parameterisation according to your requirements
  • High availability: State-of-the-art control and drive technology – dependable and low maintenance
  • Automatic operation: also available for fully automatic operation in combination with automated STILL standard



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