iGo systems

Complex Automation Solutions

iGo systems stands for complex automation solutions made up of serial production vehicles equipped with corresponding technology, navigation tools, route programming, project planning as well as setup and service. The quality of the iGo systems production vehicles has proven itself again and again in a wide variety of automation projects.


All automated vehicles move along predetermined routes. Navigation takes place using various technologies such as laser guided or magnetic navigation. Furthermore, Pallet Finder makes load recognition possible allowing for the transport of differing pallets and the necessary adjustments needed in cases of imperfect load placement. Our selection of needs-oriented technologies offers you the highest level of efficiency when automating your warehouse facilities.

STILL MX-X/MX-Q – automated VNA precision.


The automated MX-X/MX-Q has been designed for narrow aisles and storage heights up to 15 metres. These trucks find their way in the warehouse autonomously, preferably by magnetic navigation. Alternatively it is possible to navigate by laser triangulation. This makes sense if the MX-X/MX-Q also has to travel longer distances outside of the aisle. Both, the MX-Q with its telescopic fork designed for especially narrow aisles, as well as the MX-X with a turret head, able to stack loads placed on the floor can be furnished with the Pallet Finder system. This is a laser measuring equipment that detects the exact position of the pallet and adjusts the position of the MX-X/MX-Q respectively before stacking so that the truck can pick up the pallet. This makes it possible to combine manual and automatic operation in one warehouse.

MX-X/MX-Q product page

STILL FM-X – automatic, intelligent and efficient.


The automated FM-X reach truck can be deployed in many different applications – in a wide aisle warehouse, for horizontal transport or to operate drive-in racks. By standard, the automated FM-X will navigate with a rotating laser, exactly detecting the position of reflectors in its environment. This enables the truck to stack and destack pallets very precisely at a height of up to 9 metres. For automated storage and retrieval in drive-in racks, the standard laser navigation will be replaced by grid navigation that finds its way by magnets installed in the surface of the floor.
If loading aids directly sitting on the floor are to be transported, the FM-X with its reach mast is the ideal truck for horizontal transport.

FM-X product page

STILL EK-X – order picking on a new level.


On the fully automated EK-X, the human order picker only needs to do those tasks that would need a disproportionate effort to automate: picking the goods from its storage and placing it on the pallet. The driving is done by the fully automatic EK-X. The advantages are at hand: no searching for the next pick position, no far travelling with empty or fully loaded order pickers to and from the picking area or the packing station – the human worker can fully concentrate on what’s important: the picking. The technologies used, have proven effective in the fully automated MX-X/MX-Q: fully automatic navigation by magnetic points (optionally by laser triangulation), safety by mobile pedestrian protection equipment (PSE) on the trucks combined with safety systems ensuring that the human order picker is inside the cabin.

EK-X product page

STILL CX-T – pulling option.


Tugger trains make use of their full potential when automated. As a tugger train cannot execute a full load cycle by itself, the main application of these trucks, opposed to the other trucks, is to transport material along pre-defined routes. Compared to storage places, these routes have fewer stops.
Changed requirements also require different approaches to automating: The tractors navigate along a guide line which can be an optical line or a line of magnetic stripes on the floor. On one hand this means that there need not be fixed installations in the floor and, if necessary, the customer can modify the route independently by himself. Stops at defined locations, interfaces to superior host systems and automatic detachment of the trailers, round off the offer.

CX-T product page



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