Electric Forklift Truck RX 60 1.6 - 2.0 t

For the really heavy work.

RX 60


  • More security with electric brakes
  • High performance and driving dynamics
  • Faster and easier ascent and descent, and a relaxed leg position when driving


Electrical braking when the drive pedal is released, and the fully automatic hold-on-ramp feature which works without using the brakes, plus the mechanical parking and service brake guarantees safe use at any time. Battery changes on the RX 60 are carried out using a hand pallet truck, low lift pallet truck, forklift truck or hoist. Along with the considerable saving in time compared with conventional craning of the battery, especially with cab variants, this concept minimizes the risk of crushing and damage of any sort that could occur with a heavy swinging battery.


The two energy efficient and noise optimised three-phase drive units on the RX 60 act on the front wheels. High traction power and driving dynamics, even on uneven ground or when climbing ramps, ensure a high turnround of goods.

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Used Trucks Used Trucks

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A special feature of this is the uniformly strong development of the power from a standstill up to maximum speed. In addition, the RX 60’s power boost function, whereby a momentary increase in power is provided when needed, is a particularly useful characteristic when pushing pallets or starting on ramps, for example. The maintenance-free, efficiency-optimised three-phase drive guarantees a long battery operating life. Thanks to complete enclosure the whole drive is protected against the ingress of damaging dust and water spray, so that even applications in the worst conditions are no problem.

In addition to this, thanks to their electrical regenerative braking, the motors feed back up to 15% of the energy into the battery when the drive pedal is released, and thus increase the useful time from a battery charge by up to 1.5 hours. This means that interim battery charging or even changing is often not necessary. The STILL controller ensures sensitive driving with optimal utilisation of energy. It also enables the truck to be held on ramps without using the maintenance-free multi-disc brakes, for greater safety and driving comfort. The power electronics are protected within the counterweight. The heat from the controller is dissipated into the counterweight over a large area. This arrangement provides very good cooling without additional fans or filters and makes the work pleasantly quiet and reliable.

Driver’s compartment

The driver’s work place in the RX 60:

  • The large footwell with its inclined floor plate and anti-slip covering provides quick convenient entry and exit and also a relaxed leg position when driving.
  • The adjustable steering column with its small steering wheel provides an ergonomic match to the driver and reduces steering movements.
  • The automotive style foot pedal arrangement can, if wished, be replaced by a double pedal arrangement, to adapt the RX 60 to whatever the driver is familiar with, for a maximum turnround of goods.
  • The drive direction switch on the valve lever (hoist and lower) aids untiring concentrated work, even during long shifts, because it allows convenient changing of the drive direction without changing grip.
  • Thanks to the heated fully graphic display, the time, maintenance intervals and battery state, for example, are clearly displayed even when changing from cold to warm areas of use. The whole RX 60 is subjected to constant on-board diagnosis.
  • With 5 selectable drive programs the driver can match the driving characteristics of the RX 60 to the application situation or to what is personally preferred at any time. Each program can be precisely adapted to the application profile in order to achieve optimum economy and load turnaround performance.
  • The driver’s compartment of the RX 60 provides a lot of head room even for tall drivers, and also good all round vision thanks to the large viewing panels in the roof, very slim overhead guard legs and the high seating position.

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